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As well as fresh inspiring children’s titles, we also specialise in wellbeing and parenting books.  We stock a unique range of eco sustainable wellbeing goods such as QiEco yoga mats, travel wash kits as well as exciting jewellery crafted in Snowdonia from foraged treasure.  Come and discover our exciting wellbeing range of gifts.

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Why Choose Our Books?

Inspiring Themes

Each book is selected to promote positive thinking and emotional growth.

Interactive Formats

Engaging activities that encourage learning and interaction within families.

What Our Readers Say

‘Last Friday I bought the book [12 birds to Save your Life] from you. I am enjoying reading it and when I have finished I’ll add it to the “library” that I have started. I loan books to my friends and colleagues at Hereford Men’s Mental Health group to help them in their recovery from mental illness…I’m sure to return to your store in the future. I love the ethos.’


Hereford Men's Mental Health Group

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Our shop is just across from the Butter Market in Hay-on-Wye. Come see us and unleash your inner explorer as you navigate through our whimsical world of books, and don't be surprised if you find yourself lost in the pages of a newfound favourite. So, come on in, make some new friends (both on and off the pages), and let the magic of reading fill your heart and mind!  We have toys and outdoor activities for children of all ages to educate, inspire and entertain.


The Literature Laboratory
4 Market Street