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read well,live well,be well,children's books,bookstore,The Literature Laboratory

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read well,live well,be well,children's books,bookstore,The Literature Laboratory

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Luna Loves Gardening

Joseph Coelho (Author), Fiona Lumbers (Illustrator)

By award-winning Children’s Laureate Joseph Coelho, the fifth book in the Luna Loves… series brings alive the art of gardening. Luna is wowed by her local community garden, there are squashes and runner beans, potatoes and tomatoes and even an apple tree. But each plant hides a story. Grandpa and Nana show her the Callaloo their family grew in Jamaica. It’s time for Luna to grab a trowel and sow seeds that will tell a new story for the whole community as they all discover their connection to the entire world. Other books in the Luna Loves… series: Luna Loves Library Day Luna Loves Art Luna Loves Dance Luna Loves Christmas Luna Loves Books board book

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luna loves gardening book cover, a cartoon illustration of a little girl with brown hair, in orange overalls surrounded by colourful flowers and greenery

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read well,live well,be well,children's books,bookstore,The Literature Laboratory


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